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“” derived its name from the word native, meaning: “that which is inborn, present in the organism, innate and natural.

Reiki Center for Natural Healing, LLC
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Reiki Center for Natural Healing, LLC

Abraham Hicks Monthly Study Classes

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A New Enrichment Class is Offered Every Month

image place-holderLet the Way you “Feel” be the Manifestation you are Seeking.
Nothing is More Important than Feeling Good! Because Feeling Good = Alignment!!
When You Maintain Your Alignment, You LOVE Your Life! It is NEVER about what anyone else is doing or not doing!

These are monthly enrichment classes designed for folks who have some Conscious understanding of the principle that “thoughts” [create] our experiences, and by deliberately choosing and guiding the direction of our thoughts we can “change our lives” in a positive manner and “maintain joyous alignment”, therefore continuously expanding and improving the conditions and affairs of our life experiences!

Related Subjects to On-Going Group Practices, Reviews & Discussions

  • The Power of Deliberate Intention
  • The Science of Deliberate Creation
  • Focusing Your Thoughts to the Pure Power of Your Source
  • The “Skill” of Allowing
  • Thriving in Your Spiritual Awareness
  • Your Emotions as a Supreme Guidance System
  • Relating with Others for Transforming Experience
  • Contrast, the Basis for Joyful Expansion
  • Blending with Your Inner Being
  • Having Intention/Desire
  • Law of Attraction
  • Meditation to Align with Source Energy
  • Taking the Bounce
  • Telling the Story You DO Want to Live

When you realize your personal responsibility in the Creative Process, you are more diligent in the direction of your focus, more precise in the choosing of your thoughts, and more present in the subjects you choose to engage-in and speak-about with others.

This Class Focuses on:

  • The Conscious Application of Thinking and the Creative Process.
  • The Spirituality of Thought and Universal Laws.
  • Blending with Your Inner Source Being
  • Engaging in uplifting & inspiring conversations that are “forward” focused
  • The Practice of “feeling” your way to your alignment
  • Applying the practices of Deliberate Conscious Choosing.
  • Staying Consciously awake, being aware of your “Focusing Mechanism” which is always turned on.
  • Expressing in a Pure, Positive way.
  • Living the fullness of the life you came here to live.

The Creative Process is a fluid process because NOTHING is ever standing still, which means things are always changing for the better, for we are expanding Beings and the Natural order and flow of life is based upon - Joyous Growth, Expansion and New Experience.

And since “yes”, there is a skill to maintaining and allowing your personal joyous alignment with the Source Energy within you, this group focuses upon the practices of “DELIBERATELY” aligning with the Pure Power of Source at the core of your Being.

Living a life of “Blended Inter-Connected-ness” with your Source is a Masterful accomplishment, and a Mindful State of Being with the Oneness to all Wisdom, Joy, Guidance, Answers, Solutions, Harmony, Health, Peace and Abundance.

With passionate understanding you know that your personal Joy is solely your responsibility! You realize that you are Consciousness in Evolution! You experience your Loving connection to “All” life and your powerful position within the Universe.

As you consciously “Blend” with your Indwelling Source you become resistant-free therefore an “Allower” of “all” things wanted.

RSVP is Requested for Registration
Email Barbara to RSVP your participation, or call (719) 632-1644.

Payment - can be made when you arrive.
Checks - make payable to the “Reiki Center for Natural Healing, LLC”.
(Payment via Check or exact cash is most appreciated for ease in processing.)

Arrival - Please arrive 10-15 minutes prior to class.

Facilitator: Barbara Scott, is a New Thought Educator, a licensed Science of Mind Practitioner, and a Certified Affiliate of the Emerson New Thought Center's “church without walls” program.

Phone: (719) 632-1644
Hours: 9:30 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
Tuesday-Friday and select Saturdays & Mondays.

For more information about the Science of Deliberate Creation and other Abraham-Hicks material please visit the Abraham-Hicks website

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