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“” derived its name from the word native, meaning: “that which is inborn, present in the organism, innate and natural.

Reiki Center for Natural Healing, LLC
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Reiki Center for Natural Healing, LLC

Reiki Sessions

What to Expect from Barbara, your Practitioner:
During the session the client's energy system is first surveyed for energy blocks. After the survey, Barbara designs the energy facilitation process to meet the needs of the client's energy system. Reiki is then administered through “light touch”. Barbara works with gentle hand placements which are applied along either side of the body from head-to-toe and front-to-back, providing a well constructed system of energy-transfer into the principal energy channels.

About the Technique:
The technique clarifies, charges and replenishes affected areas with Life Force Energy. This results in the transmutation of energy blocks and resistance within the client's system. The goal is to restore energy precision and clarity to the energy body, recognizing that the facilitation of Life Force energy supports clarity in Thought and Peace of Mind while harmonizing the Emotions, providing ease and relaxation to the Body to enable health, and at the same time revealing upliftment and connection with the spirit.

When the resistance is eliminated, balance can be restored to one’s Body, Mind, Emotions and Spirit. In chronic situations, multiple sessions may be desired.

How Reiki Works
Reiki energy works with the client's own energy system freeing energy blocks, resistance, and slow sluggish energy (like opening up a dam in a river or stream) by restoring the flow of life-force-energy within the energy body. Reiki will give or take away (by releasing) only what is needed. Reiki energy works with the individual's own energy system helping the individual's body do what it does best; stay in balance and good health

Stress, Toxicity and Enervation:
You have an exquisite and magnificent body that possesses wisdom. You are a marvel of creation! There is a Life Force, an Energy that resides within you that directs and governs all of the body’s myriad of functions. It is an integral part of your existence.

Stress can create toxicity within the body along with “enervation” which means “energy fatigue or exhaustion“ and arises when there is insufficient energy available to carry out all the functions of your body. Enervation is a condition in which the body is not generating sufficient energy for the tasks it must perform, or the tasks the body must perform are greater than the normal energy supply can cope with. In a scenario such as this, the system cannot carry out its normal functions of cleansing and elimination (just to name a few) which keeps it healthy and vital. Problems arise when there are more toxins being produced than are being eliminated. The toxicity then remains stored within the strategic places inside the body, and as such, long term toxicity can result in pain, discomfort, imbalance and illness.

When energy is restored to the energy system, the body can perform its functions of cleansing and elimination. This is why in some chronic situations clients can experience detoxification symptoms such as a running nose, frequent urination, diarrhea or skin rash, as the body begins to utilize the now available flow of energy to restore, cleanse and heal itself.

What the Client can Expect:
The client lies (fully-clothed) on a Reiki table; if this is not possible, the client may sit in a chair. The client will remove their shoes only. Blankets and pillows are provided to support the client's comfort. Most people experience relaxation, while some feel tingling, heat, or cold sensations. Reiki is a non-manipulative and non-invasive technique. Clients are recommended to not eat anything one hour before the scheduled appointment time, if possible. In this way the flow of energy can be stronger to facilitate your session.

The Overall Experience:
The overall experience of a Reiki session usually entails comfort, relaxation, feelings of peace, love, and clarity—essential qualities requisite for good health, happiness, longevity, and magnificent optimal living.
These sensations are nearly always pleasant. You may also experience any of the following temporary sensations during a Reiki session: heat or coolness, pins-and-needle tingling, vibrational buzzing, electrical sparks, numbness, throbbing, itchiness, and sleepiness. In fewer situations where strong or chronic imbalance exists, it may feel irritable as toxins surface to leave the body. Fortunately, Reiki works in either scenario.

Please remember to fill out a New Client Intake Form
New Client Intake forms can be accessed from the menu in the left column of this page under ‘Forms’, or they can be obtained from our office and filled out prior to your scheduled appointment time. This will assist Barbara in focusing her skills and abilities to meet the needs of the client's  energy system.

With Appreciation:
Thank you! We look forward to serving you at the Reiki Center with a profound and rejuvenating Art of Reiki experience. If you have any questions please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.


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