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“” derived its name from the word native, meaning: “that which is inborn, present in the organism, innate and natural.

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Reiki Center for Natural Healing, LLC


May 24, 2018

Re: Reiki Training

“Barbara is a phenomenal Reiki teacher, & life coach. I took the first three of her Reiki classes. Each class was filled with fun, knowledge, practice and love from the other students to get where it was most understanding and beneficial! We didn’t leave the day without knowing how to apply and practice each level of Reiki, in each degree that was chosen. I really enjoyed myself and I know everyone else did too. After all was said and done, over a 6-month period we all finished. I made lifelong friends and left with the Reiki Expert Level Certification. So, if you’re looking for an amazing teacher, and friend, you’ve found the right spot! Thanks again for everything Barbara.

All my love & light”

–Kirstin Weaver, Colorado

October 2017

Re: First Degree Reiki Class

“I felt so alive during the Reiki-1 class today and truly wanted to thank you again. I am looking forward to the Second Degree Reiki.”

Deanna, Colorado Springs

September 1, 2017

“I enthusiastically endorse and recommend Barbara as a life coach. She is natural healer, very intuitive, compassionate and dedicates her whole being to each and every client she serves. When she coached me I immediately felt deeply understood and cared for and supported in a non judgmental environment. When you feel stuck and unsure how to proceed Barbara can help you get in touch with that part of yourself that you know is amazing and guide you to move forward at a pace that may surprise you in what you can achieve. I truly appreciate everything Barbara has helped me with much respect and gratitude.”

Josh Brent

September 29, 2016

Re: Becoming a Reiki Teacher

It is with great joy that I announce that as of last Saturday, I became a certified Reiki Master and Teacher. I am thankful beyond measure that my teacher has been Barbara, her work is inspiring, she is full of knowledge and grace. I could not have asked for a better teacher, looking forward to sitting in on your future classes so that I can continue to learn how to be the best teacher I could be from your example.

Jessica – Colorado Springs, CO

February 23, 2016

Re: Art of Allowing Classes - Gratitude - Warm Fuzzy

Dear Barbara,

Good Morning! I'm writing to thank you for teaching the Art of Allowing classes and meeting with me on an individual basis. It has so help me to be more joyful! I have really grown and expanded because of your enthusiasm for the content. Instead of manifesting the same old, same old and trying to figure out what I'm doing wrong, I've pivoted to clarifying what it is I want in my life. I am now surrounded by groups and people that love and support me. My cup overflows! I am so grateful to you for helping me to practice new thought and be open to being guided by my emotions.

I so look forward to working with you come the end of March at your next series of classes.

Bright Blessings,

Woodland Park, CO

December 7, 2015

Re: Reiki Session Feedback

It's hard to find people who really care about others in today's world. I am just happy that I found Barbara as she is at the top of that list. Many years ago, (Sept. 2003), I found her as I had unbelievable pain in my knee; so bad that I could no longer walk. At that time, she was doing house calls and we did a 2-1/2 hour Reiki session. Of course I was a skeptical especially when I did not feel much better the next day. Then a few days later my knee miraculously healed to the point that I was able to get back out on the baseball field again! I simply could not believe it! Barbara has been blessed with a special gift! Unfortunately she is no longer in New Jersey and since trying other so called Reiki specialists, I have yet to find any that work. Barbara is so kind that she is now researching who in New Jersey I can trust who knows how to perform this special energy healing for me. Words cannot begin to describe how great she is at this craft!

Monmouth County, New Jersey

First Degree Reiki Class



I wanted to say thank you so much for EVERYTHING you did and said on Friday. Your energy is so uplifting and compassionate. I love how genuine you are and it made me feel great! I can not wait to see you August 31st for Reiki II! Enjoy the rest of your week and I send you love and great positive energy:) thank you again you helped make a huge difference in my life and I'm glad I have finally found people who believe and follow the same path and you gave me an extra push about the kind of friends I attract in my life and I am so grateful for that. Thank you for helping me to help myself heal that burden:) I appreciate it!


Lauren M.
Highland Ranch, CO

June 4th, 2015

Re: Reiki Treatments with Barbara


I write this testimonial because it just needs to be said; Barbara's Reiki treatments are some of the most profound and amazing healing experiences I have ever known. After the first session, knowing nothing about Reiki...I walked away a changed person. I did not have any major medical or emotional issues to heal, but I left that first session with a powerful knowing that I had just stumbled onto a little piece of my own personal heaven. Week after week I eagerly awaited my time with Barbara because I knew that near the end...I would feel as though I just spent a month in paradise. Her energy is incredible and her ability to teach while beautifully serving her clients - is just the absolute most wonderful feeling on the planet. I have always left my time with Barbara feeling so much more at peace. My energy fully aligned. You can just feel the love and light before, during, and after your sessions. It is so beautiful and amazing - I crave it weekly! I always feel like a zillion energetic dollars afterwards. So much so that my time with Barbara has become a sacred part of my life. Barbara's loving and healing touch are such a vital part of my self-care that I endeavor to never miss an appointment unless just absolutely necessary. She has such a special way of teaching while she is healing. I have learned more about myself from her than any other spiritual teacher or healer that I know. She is a beautiful person who serves from her heart. Her integrity and alignment with Spirit can be felt upon seeing her and it just puts you at ease. You instantly know you are at the hands of a Master.

If you are reading this and wondering whether to make an appointment - please do not hesitate any longer. She has changed my life and become such an important part OF it. I do not write testimonials as a rule. I feel people should come to their own opinions and not rely on others for answers. However, once in a great while something so special comes along that you cannot help BUT to shout it from the mountain tops. Go see her. Yesterday. You will walk away feeling an inner-peace that was always there - but Barbara is able to help coax it out with her love and light. She's amazing. Barbara - thank you. For everything.

Shanna Persin, Colorado Springs, CO

December 20, 2014

I had one session down here in FL. This lady can't hold a candle to you in treating what hurts.

Colorado Springs, CO

November 12, 2014

Mrs. Barbara,

I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful sessions I have with you! I always leave so rejuvenated and feeling “brand new”. You are such a kind and loving person, your energy always brings such a warm and caring feeling into the room. Your website says “Inspiration – Restoration – Empowerment – Transformation”, and it does just that every time! I look forward to many more sessions with you and hope to one day be able to take one of your classes!

Best Wishes,
Colorado Springs

Feb. 21, 2014


Cassiel (canine) lives out of state and received a Remote Reiki Session from Barbara, along with remote Reiki from the Reiki Ministry. Here's an update from Cassiel’s owner:

image of the dog named Cassiel“Great news! We just came back from Cassiel's appointment and her liver values are reduced dramatically- they fall into the normal range to just above the normal range. I think the Reiki was the strongest modality used in her healing. The Dr. told me to expect a reduction in the liver enzyme levels not normal levels. Well... we got normal and greatly reduced levels, whoooooo hooo! I am so soaring with this great news...... I am so relieved, this has been greatly weighing on me for the last four months. Thank you once again.”


Oct. 31, 2013


Thank you for sharing the gift of Reiki with me through your level 1 and II classes. The experience changed my life, and I learned and grew so much through the process.

I felt very welcome in your space, and appreciated the open environment/energy you created for learning. Not only were you engaging and thorough with the class materials, but you were also very insightful and encouraging during the hands on work. I felt comfortable expressing my feelings along the way, which provided the opportunity for deeper understanding.

I could share more about this, but I'll just say that this past Saturday's activities in particular were powerful beyond belief. I experienced a true physical and spiritual healing! Thank you a million times over for that. :)   As I said, I am different because of it.

Thanks again, and take good care.”

Lisa, Denver, CO

August 22, 2013

“I have been reflecting on my experience in the Reiki 1 class on Monday.
I am so grateful to that you are my Reiki Master Teacher and that I had a private class. It is such a profound and intimate experience. I had a conversation with my friend, she had recently taken the 1 and 2 Reiki course and she did not have an experience even close to what I had. Once again, thank You Barbara. I am looking forward to my next class.”

LU, Nebraska

August 22, 2013

“Barb, Thanks again for last night’s session. I feel very vibrant this morning and I wanted to let you know a couple things/results that have already shown themselves.

First of all, during the session, while on my belly, your hands on my feet, I felt both tingling and much more heat on my heels where I had the most pain in the past. Then I felt what I can only explain as or what it seemed like the pulled tendon ‘strings’ coming back together. It was quite the experience! Afterward my heels didn't hurt. My heels went from pain about a 9 to about a 1 from yesterday morning to this morning. What a lovely magick you bring ;0)

I also feel much more open physically in the throat—it actually feels wider! ...and I'm still breathing much easier than I have in years, both in my lungs and through my abdomen and whole body. My friend asked me if Reiki was like a massage and I told her it was better because i feel much more relaxed! ;0)

Overall my energy is just different and I'm excited to see how this opens up my world. Thank you again Barb—I am so blessed to have found you. Thank you for bringing loving Source energy into my life and exactly where I needed it!”

Melanie, Colorado Springs

August 11, 2013

“During a recent visit to Colorado Springs, I attended the Reiki Open Share with Barbara and four other people. The group made me feel right at home.

My experience at this Reiki share was wonderful! It was unlike any other Reiki group that I've been to. My turn on the Reiki table led to self discovery that was profound. Everyone there was quite intuitive and I found that helped me connect with and develop my own intuitiveness.

Barbara's guided meditation was succinct and insightful. Her descriptions and guidance enabled me to open up to Reiki like I've not experienced since my first Reiki attunement.

I would encourage anyone interested in Reiki to attend this group.”

Claudia, Pawnee Oklahoma

July 14, 2013

Monthly Reiki Share Testimonial

The best part about my first Reiki share was witnessing other practitioners, and learning about the different kinds of feedback everyone had for the person receiving Reiki; it expanded my awareness of what was possible, and helped me understand what was happening in my own practice.

There is nothing like receiving Reiki from several practitioners (sometimes all Reiki masters!) at the same time. Reiki shares feel like super-charged treatments that help me release and rebuild energetically…not to mention, that if I arrive with pain, when I leave, it is gone. Reiki shares are powerful tranquility builders; they restore me to peace and help me understand and improve my own practice.

What would you say to a friend who was thinking about going to Barbara's Reiki share but wasn't sure?

Barbara's Reiki share is amazing! You get to meet all these other practitioners; there is a guided meditation which is always wonderful; and then you get to share and receive super-powerful Reiki in a tranquil, healing, and supportive atmosphere. If you love Reiki, you will *love the Reiki share!

Is there anything you would change about your experience at the Reiki share/s?

I wouldn't change a thing; they are awesome!”

Gabrielle, Colorado Springs, CO

June 7, 2013

“The best part about having a Reiki Session with Barbara was how calm and relaxing it was. Also, Barbara saw that I had other major blocks besides the throat one I initially wanted her to work on, and cleared those too (out of the kindness of her heart as I came to focus on one particular area). I could tell that she cared about me as a person and not just as a client.

I had been struggling with a lingering sore throat from a sinus infection I had 2 months ago, I went to the doctor and they gave me more antibiotics and just told me to take it easy, which is hard because I am a singer. After seeing Barbara the week after, I noticed that I was beginning to feel a lot better. I definitely sensed that there was a block in my throat beforehand, but once she cleared it, I think it allowed my immune system to finally kick in and get rid of the infection. Also, I had severe back pain I was seeing a physical therapist for the last 5 months; I made tremendous progress those few months, but I had a shoulder cracking problem that seemed to hang around. However, after Barbara worked on my back, I have hardly cracked at all this week!

An energy tune-up is something everyone should do every once in a while to stay in balance. Barbara is convenient because she is close by and doesn't charge too much, especially if you just want her to focus on a specific area of your body.”

[Name withheld by request] Colorado Springs, CO

February 18, 2013

“After my first session with Barbara, I noticed I was feeling a lot of peace; something I hadn't experienced in years! Also I have been studying for my exams and I noticed that I could think more clearly; studying was easier as my memory had improved as well. I couldn't believe that I could remember my studies from the months prior and I passed my exams with flying colors! Reiki really helped in this area. Barbara is an amazing woman and I definitely recommend her.”

J.K. Colorado Springs, CO

January 13, 2013

“Re: Reiki for Hormonal Balance

I scheduled a Reiki session with Barbara because I wanted to get balanced and decrease my hot flashes and mood swings. I was having severe hot flashes; several a day.

After the session I experienced a huge change! The hot flashes were minimal, with considerable difference and I no longer experience them during the day. The mood swings diminished. I felt better; balanced and content. I see how beneficial Reiki is with the balancing of the Body, Mind and Spirit. I love Reiki. I would recommend Barbara to anyone!”

Karen, Colorado Springs

3 Jan, 2013

“I had been searching for not a good but a great Reiki Practitioner for two years when, like others, Barbara's website really connected with me. My first appointment was Nov 21, 2012, a big day in my life. I had been struggling with a lack of zest or even interest in life for almost two years. I had gone to the doctors and told them something was amiss so we did all kinds of tests, the results being that I went on anti-depressants for a year with no results. After two sessions, I felt better than I had in two years, my wife even said ‘I have my husband back’.

One week later I was diagnosed with an Inoperable Brain tumor, bummer! I am on three kinds of oral Chemotherapy, daily radiation and once-a-week some really nasty IV Chemo in Denver. Five weeks into treatment, I still feel better than I did before Reiki and have no nasty side effects from all the chemicals. I credit all that to Barbara, her use of her skills, Reiki and whatever higher power you have.

Barbara has truly been a gift from my God/ higher power/ universe.
I am 62 years old and feel 50 again (most days—depends on the drugs that day).
I recommend Barbara to anyone and everyone, she truly has a gift.
I don't know what the rules are but Barbara has my permission to give out my email or phone # to anyone who wants more info.”

John P.
Colorado Springs, CO

[July 11, 2014 – UPDATE]

This is a follow-up to my testimonial dated Jan 3, 2013. I was diagnosed on November 27, 2012 with an inoperable, malignant glioblastoma in the center of my brain. The doctors said it was big and nasty and my prognosis was 5 months to a year maybe. We found a Doctor in Denver that gave us hope that he could treat it but it was six weeks of radiation and multiple chemotherapy drugs over an unknown period of time.

I had started with Barbara just prior to this diagnosis and I saw her weekly for the last 20 months. The Doctors warned me that all the treatment would probably make me very sick, I didn’t doubt it after all the horror stories I had heard about people on a single chemo not four different kinds, sometimes I was on two kinds at once.

From the beginning Barbara encouraged me not to let the Doctors opinions influence my attitude and hope. She was correct! I had an MRI done every eight weeks, each one was an improvement over the last one. As of my last MRI, June 26 2014 I was told there is no evidence of disease! That was the outcome I had only dreamed of. A true miracle!

Through the 20 months Barbara encouraged me, worked around my crazy doctor/treatment schedule and helped me believe that it could happen! Also I never got sick or looked sick the whole time another miracle! Now Barbara is helping me to regain my energy and strength which took a real hit from all the treatments for 20 months.

I am so grateful for her help and guidance through a really tough time. Not only getting rid of the tumor, but not getting sick for all that time is amazing. I would recommend her for anything! She is kind, gentle, and a great Reiki Master.


John Palmer

Colorado Springs

"I completed the Reiki level one course taught by Barbara Kajan Scott about four months ago. This was a great learning experience for me. I have been working in healthcare for almost 10 years now and I wish I'd have known about Reiki earlier. I feel like I have been slowly drawn towards something all these years and I never really had an answer to where it was taking me.

To me, Reiki was a completely new idea; I had never even had a treatment before taking the class. I researched it online first but it doesn't replace the real contact. Despite my lack experience, Barb did a great job of leading me through. I was a little un-confident in myself at first, but I was reassured and guided the whole way. With the weeks to follow my attunement, I as well as others have felt a stronger awareness of my energy. It has changed my perspective on so much.

I would highly recommend Barb for anyone interested or curious about taking this course. My personal life as well as my professional life have greatly benefited from Reiki, Barb's extensive background made this an easy transition because she was so knowledgeable and personable. I am excited to take Reiki 2, I am eager to see where else my path will take me."

Light and Love,

"I am forever thankful for the universe leading me to Barb during my searches for REIKI masters.

It took me awhile and I went through several names of REIKI masters practitioners and sent messages hoping that someone out there could guide me with my journey. Before I decided to get further with REIKI, I read several books first just to see and feel if this is the route I should go because I know that I am supposed to do something but just had no idea where to go. Since all of my search was online, I saw Barbara Kajan Scott's name and for some reason there was this beautiful inviting energy that draws me to her. So I sent her a message and she responded to me the following day. I just knew that this is it…she's the one! I did my first degree, 2nd degree, and sub-master attunement. I am so glad I listened and acted on the response from the universe of my inquiry. She is welcoming and with a gargantuan heart full of LOVE.

I invite everyone who is searching for guidance in this field. Let's make a big happy family and join us as we cover our planet with energy of LOVE for GOD is LOVE.

Peace and forever grateful,"

Laida Altizer

"Barbara has been such a blessing in my life."

PS, Colorado Springs

"I had my first session with Barbara. It was phenomenal…"

C.C., Colorado Springs, CO

"When we are admonished to use great care in choosing our teachers, it is in part because attributes of the teacher are crucial in facilitating the student's learning process. Very importantly, the student/teacher relationship is one of unreserved trust in the exploration, strengthening and deepening of understanding of the subject matter.

To every being she encounters in her lifetime path of healing with and teaching the Japanese healing art of Reiki, Barbara Kajan Scott demonstrates an unwavering focus on kindness, compassion and love; mastery of what she is teaching, together with right motivation, honesty, integrity, ethics, and truth.

Many traditions hold that ‘when the student is ready, the teacher will appear’.This is certainly a transforming truth for me. Studying with Barbara Scott has been and continues to be a profoundly life-changing experience, for which I am truly grateful."

CCB -9/8/12

"Barbara Kajan Scott is one of the most positive, accepting and compassionate people I know. She lives and teaches the law of attraction, the Science of Mind philosophy and the Reiki principles. She is a Reiki Master in the Usui tradition and I am grateful to have completed my Reiki training with her. I particularly enjoy participating in her monthly Reiki practice groups. The centering and guided meditation exercises she uses to begin our group practices are beautiful and beneficial in creating the positive energy needed for the Reiki distance healing and hands on practice that follow."

Sharon, Colorado Springs

"I first met Barb over four years ago when I attended her class on First Degree Reiki. This class was put together professionally and spiritually for the benefit of all who attended. This prompted me to take the rest of the Reiki classes, all of which were just as wonderfully put together. Along the way she invited me to a Law of Attraction class. Honestly I wasn't sure what I was getting into, but I knew from taking her Reiki classes that whatever it was, it was going to be great. I have never been disappointed. I've gone on to take almost every class she has ever taught and am forever grateful for the world she has been so kind to show me. I believe she is one of the best Reiki practitioners in the city. And, on top of all of this, she opens her heart and home to Reiki practitioners on a monthly basis, so that we can benefit and continue learning what Reiki has to offer. She is a blessing to all lucky enough to be a part of her world, which she so graciously shares. She lives the life she teaches. She’s an inspiration and has changed my life profoundly."

Brenda Martinez

"I was a newbie to Abraham-Hicks when I enrolled in the “Law of Allowing” class facilitated by Barbara and now I am hooked. Even though I have always been on a never-ending journey to enhancing my spirituality and well-being, Barbara's class has given me the tools and a totally new and enhanced outlook on that path to navigating the stream of life. I feel more centered, more positive and accepting, and definitely more joy. On my ever expanding “Gratitude list”, Barbara and her competent teachings of Abraham-Hicks is at the top. I am so looking forward to the next class, and the next, and the next…  Bring it on!

And so it is!"
Patti in Colorado Springs

"I had the honor of participating in Barb Kajan's “The Art of Allowing” 6-week class and was transformed by it. Barb's loving, accepting presence provided just enough guidance and support as she graciously and generously allowed the group and individuals within to process the information. She created a safe and trusting environment and nurtured us with her affirming comments, blankets, and healthy snacks. I not only gained a new way of seeing my life and its possibilities, but a new set of like-minded friends to take the journey with me. I strongly recommend Barb and anything she offers. She is a gift and light worker to us all.

Light, Love and Laughter,"
Tamara -- Colorado Springs, Colorado