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“” derived its name from the word native, meaning: “that which is inborn, present in the organism, innate and natural.

Reiki Center for Natural Healing, LLC
635 Southpointe Court
Suite 130
Colorado Springs, Colorado
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Phone: (719) 632-1644 Monday-Thursday 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Closed Friday and Sunday, Classes on Saturdays

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Reiki Center for Natural Healing, LLC

Reiki Practice Code of Ethics

A Reiki practitioner is defined here as one who practices Reiki as a technique.

Be sure to maintain compliance with all local, state and federal laws. In the State of Colorado, please refer to the Colorado Natural Health Consumer Protection Act, enacted June 5, 2013. Be sure to provide a Client Disclosure form to all clients according to this Law and please make sure you know the law regarding the treatment of children.

A Reiki practitioner inspires and encourages personal growth and the healing process. A Reiki practitioner holds a positive outlook and empowers the client through the session.

Be committed to each person's healing process for as long as they choose to share their path with you. Accept each one for the highest expression of who they truly are and the greatest experience of life that they can imagine.

Trust! Everyone is unique. Do not compare with others and don't try to figure it out. Be committed to allowing the healing process to occur in whatever way is most appropriate.

Judge not! The events and conditions in a person's life may be pleasant or unpleasant, avoid judging them as “good” or “bad”, “right” or “wrong”, “positive” or “negative”. They are simply “facts” to work with and they are all opportunities for growth. We utilize Reiki as a vehicle for transformation for the best and highest.

Personal Care. The committed Reiki practitioner actively tends to their personal healing process. This includes self-treatments, Reiki sessions and other inspiring practices that enhance Body, Mind and Spirit. The committed practitioner always tends to their personal needs.

Being a Healing Presence - is the way of life for a committed Reiki practitioner. A dedicated healing presence endeavors to live and demonstrate the Reiki Principles in all area of their lives.

The Reiki practitioner's work shall be on the positive and constructive level. It is unethical to speak in a derogatory manner about any other healing profession, method, religion, philosophy, practitioner or teacher. The practitioner holds in high esteem the art and skill of all healing professions, recognizing that there is but one healing power in the universe.

The committed Reiki practitioner - serves as a role model; therefore conduct, speech, and a neat and clean appearance shall reflect the dignity of this high profession.

Respect confidentiality. The relationship between a Reiki practitioner and the client/student is one of confidence, integrity and trust and is held inviolate. The practitioner does not disclose confidences to anyone except where mandated by law or with the written consent of a client. A practitioner should store or dispose of client information in a way that maintains confidentiality.

A Reiki practitioner does not—and legally cannot—diagnose medical conditions or disease, nor can they prescribe or perform medical treatment, prescribe substances, nor interfere with the treatment of a licensed medical professional.

A Reiki Practitioner acknowledges that Reiki works in conjunction with medical and or psychological care.

A Reiki practitioner respects their client at all times and never invades a client's “personal” space. Therefore a practitioner uses appropriate hand placements, avoiding all “private areas” such as: breasts, genitals and buttocks. All clients remain fully clothed during all Reiki sessions. Sexual comments or inappropriate language are prohibited.

The best guidance one will ever receive will come from within. This stands true for the practitioner as well as the client. Follow your guidance which is right for you, and allow all others that same freedom. Guidance in its purest sense will not instill worry or fear. Follow your guidance, and guide your clients/students to draw from the Power within.

Practice Reiki- the committed Reiki practitioner utilizes the healing art of Reiki. Practice Reiki self treatments and practice Reiki on others.

Educate yourself about Reiki and allow your own personal experience with Reiki teach you as well. Discover its many benefits and educate your client.

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